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ENIA AutoPay Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Recurring Payments - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can now pay your premium through recurring electronic payments from your checking or savings account. This payment option, known as AutoPay EFT Recurring Payments, takes the worry out of making your insurance payments or jeopardizing your coverage with a late or missed payment.

Sign up for Erie and Niagara Insurance Association’s (ENIA) AutoPay EFT recurring payment option and your policy premium will be electronically withdrawn from your checking or savings account automatically.

1.What are the advantages of AutoPay?

AutoPay will make your life easier:

  • It’s convenient (saving you time and postage), secure, and safe
  • Your payment is always on time (even if you’re out of town), eliminating late charges and avoiding the possibility of the cancellation of your policy for a missed payment
  • Available on all lines of business and all payment plans including our AutoPay 12-Pay plan (see FAQ #6)
  • It’s a FREE service (see FAQ #2 and FAQ #17)

2.Are there any service charges or installment fees associated with AutoPay?

No. AutoPay is a FREE service! There are no service charges for being an AutoPay customer, and we are waiving the $5 installment fee assessed on our traditional non-recurring payment plans.

However, in accordance with the fee disclosure endorsement included in your policy, certain fees, i.e., $20 returned payment (NSF) fee(s) and/or $15 cancellation fee(s), may be assessed in certain circumstances (see FAQ #17).

3.Is AutoPay a secure way to pay my bill?

Yes. We are required to keep your banking information confidential. Your payment data is sent to your financial institution in a secure manner using encryption software.

4.What account(s) can I use to pay my bill?

You may use either your checking or savings account from your bank to pay your bill via AutoPay.

5.What do I need to enroll in AutoPay?

You are required to complete an authorization form to enroll in AutoPay, whereby you accept the terms and conditions of the program.

You must have a checking account or savings account and agree to be on a periodic payment plan. An adequate account balance must be maintained in your chosen bank account to cover your payment(s).

6.What types of policies and payment plans are eligible to participate in AutoPay?

AutoPay is available on ALL personal and commercial lines of business and available for all current payment plans (1-Pay, 2-Pay, 4-Pay, 8-Pay).

We now offer a 12-Pay payment option for policies enrolled in AutoPay.

Cherry Valley Cooperative Insurance Company policies, including Umbrella policies, are not eligible for AutoPay.

7.How do I enroll in AutoPay?

Please go to ENIA’s home page at and click on the "Make a Payment" button. You will be directed to a login page where you will need to enter your policy number and security code, both of which are located on the front of your bill.

Next, in the "Select Payment Method" screen, select "NEW! Sign up for AutoPay EFT Recurring Payments". Complete the AutoPay Authorization Agreement to accept the terms and conditions of the program and authorize your enrollment in AutoPay. You will be prompted to enter funding account and contact information, i.e., email address.

If you choose to receive AutoPay billing notifications via email, you will be sent a link to verify your email address. If your email address is not verified within 24 hours after it is sent, the link will expire and you will receive AutoPay billing notifications via U.S. Mail.

Please click here to enroll in AutoPay online.

8.Can I enroll in AutoPay anytime or do I have to wait until my policy renews?

You can enroll in AutoPay at the onset of your new policy or at any time during your existing policy period.

9.What will I receive once I am enrolled in AutoPay?

Once your enrollment authorization has been processed, we will send you an estimated payment schedule via U.S. mail letting you know how much your installments will be and when they will be withdrawn from your bank account. You will receive a new payment schedule in the mail any time an endorsement to your policy changes the timing of your payment(s) or your payment amount(s).

In addition, you will receive a billing notification approximately 20 calendar days in advance of each scheduled payment withdrawal date. You have the option to receive your billing notifications in either paper form sent via U.S. mail or emailed to the email address provided during enrollment.

10.Can my agent enroll me in AutoPay?

We do not advise that the agent enroll or make changes to your AutoPay account on your behalf. We need your express direct electronic authorization to enroll in AutoPay.

11.What if I have more than one personal or commercial policy with ENIA? Do I need to fill out separate AutoPay enrollment forms for each policy?

Yes. You will need to fill out one AutoPay enrollment form for each policy.

12.What if I don’t have an email address? Can I still sign up for AutoPay?

Yes. If you do not have an email address, you can sign up for AutoPay.

13.Will I still receive a bill from ENIA?

Yes. You have the option of receiving billing notifications via email or in traditional paper format sent via U.S. mail. The bill will indicate the amount of your payment and the date on which it will be deducted from your financial institution account.

14.What if I need to make a change to my AutoPay account information?

We allow you to make the following changes after enrolling in AutoPay:

  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • AutoPay Payment Plan
  • Funding Account Information
  • Bill Notification Preference (Email or U.S. Mail)

Please click here to make changes to your AutoPay account information online.

15.What if I need to cancel a scheduled payment?

If you need to cancel any scheduled withdrawals, you may do so by calling our Accounting Department at 1-800-234-9876 up until 12:00pm (noon) 2 business days prior to the scheduled withdrawal date.

Due to the timing of the secured transmission of information to your financial institution, changes to a scheduled payment after the cutoff time cannot be processed.

16.What if a payment is not honored or returned by my financial institution?

If your payment is dishonored or returned by your financial institution, we reserve the right to discontinue your participation in AutoPay, without notice.

Once your payment has been returned, we will not attempt to make another automatic withdrawal through AutoPay. Rather, you will receive a non-pay cancellation notice via U.S. mail indicating your policy may be cancelled if the amount past due is not paid by the date specified on the cancellation notice.

In order to avoid your policy being cancelled, you are responsible for making alternative payment arrangements for payments due after any termination, cancellation or suspension of a scheduled AutoPay payment.

17.Are there any fees assessed if my payment is returned by my financial institution?

In accordance with the fee disclosure endorsement included in your policy, certain fees may be assessed. If your payment is returned for any reason, we will charge a $20 fee for each returned payment.

If a cancellation notice is issued as a result of the returned payment, an additional $15 fee will be charged. Please note your financial institution may also charge fees for returned payments.

18.How do I stop my participation in AutoPay?

If you wish to de-enroll in AutoPay and discontinue your future automatic EFT payment withdrawals, you will need to request de-enrollment online or by printing and completing the AutoPay EFT De-Enrollment Form. Once you de-enroll in AutoPay, you will be placed on a traditional billing plan subject to installment fees.

Please be advised until your de-enrollment request has been processed, we will continue automatic withdrawals.

Please click here to request de-enrollment online.

Please click here to access the AutoPay EFT De-Enrollment Form to print and return to us via U.S. mail at the address listed below:

Erie and Niagara Insurance Association
Attn: Accounting Department
8800 Sheridan Drive
PO Box 9062
Williamsville, NY 14231-9062

19.What if I need to cancel my policy – do I need to de-enroll in AutoPay?

If your policy cancels for any reason, you will be automatically de-enrolled in AutoPay. If your policy is reinstated, similarly, you will be automatically re-enrolled in AutoPay. There is no need to submit another enrollment form.

20.Who do I call if I have questions or need further assistance?

If you have any questions about AutoPay or need any assistance, please contact your agent or call us at 1-800-234-9876 (M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm EST) and request the Accounting Department.

Thank you for choosing Erie and Niagara Insurance Association. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.