The Strength of Our Past
is the
Foundation of Our Future

Erie and Niagara is policyholder owned.  All employees, officers and directors past, present and future serve as stewards of the Association.



A.M. Best Rated
Since 1988

Financial Size Category VIII

Corporate Leadership

Officers: Directors:
  • Robert M. Hoover,
  • Chairman
  • John A. Noble,
  • Vice Chairman
  • Norman J. Orlowski Jr.,
  • President/CEO
  • Maureen A. Mulcahy,
  • Vice President, Corporate Relations/Corporate Secretary
  • Gina M. Cartenuto,
  • Vice President, Finance/Treasurer
  • David J. Cecere,
  • Vice President, Insurance Operations
  • Scott M. Stock,
  • Vice President, Information Technology
  • Thomas G. Dambra
  • Michael S. Davis
  • Hector M. Gonzalez
  • Robert M. Hoover
  • Henry G. Koziol
  • Jonathan L. Lamb
  • John A. Noble
  • Erik M. O'Neill
  • Norman J. Orlowski Jr.
  • Mary B. Powell
  • Anna K. Shuknecht