The Strength of Our Past
is the
Foundation of Our Future

Erie and Niagara Insurance
is a mutual insurance company.

We work for our policyholders,
 not shareholders



A.M. Best Rated
Since 1988

Financial Size Category VIII


When your Homeowner or Farm Owner policy is written through Erie and Niagara Insurance Association, you may be eligible for an umbrella policy offered by our affiliate Cherry Valley Cooperative Insurance Company.  Limits up to $2 million are available for a Personal Umbrella policy and up to $5 million for a Farm Personal Umbrella.

An umbrella policy provides an extra layer of protection for you and eligible family members against lawsuits arising from bodily injury or property damage claims.  This additional liability can be added to provide peace of mind in protecting your assets against the increasingly common multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Consider this additional layer of coverage to protect your assets against catastrophic events. Contact your agent for more details.