The Strength of Our Past
is the
Foundation of Our Future

Erie and Niagara Insurance
is a mutual insurance company.

We work for our policyholders,
 not shareholders



A.M. Best Rated
Since 1988

Financial Size Category VIII

Bed and Breakfast Program

In addition to providing dwelling, personal property and personal liability coverage, we also include coverage for Products Liability for Food Service and Additional Living Expense and / or Loss of Rents.

An optional endorsement which was designed specifically for our Bed and Breakfast Program Includes the following coverages:

  • Guest’s property - $1,000 / room
  • Money & Securities - $5,000 in / $2,000 out
  • Refrigerated Food - $500
  • Satellite antenna coverage - $5,000
  • Signs - $2,000
  • Valuable Papers & Records - $5,000